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Day 1: Drive to Gulu-Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

The journey will start very early in the morning from Kampala/Entebbe. On your way, you will stop at Ziwa Rhino sanctuary which is now a home for the White Rhinos that have been re-introduced in Uganda, later have lunch and continue your way to Gulu. A long the way you will see the Karuma Falls.


Day 2: Drive to Kidepo Valley National Park

After breakfast you shall drive to Kidepo Valley National Park. The Park lies in the rugged, semi arid valleys between Uganda’s borders with Sudan and Kenya. It has a large population of big game and boasts of over 77 mammal species almost 500 bird species. Kidepo is Uganda’s most isolated national park, but is the most magnificent and ranks among Africa’s finest wildernesses. In the late afternoon, you will have a game drive.


Day 3: Game Drive and Nature Walk-Hot springs

After breakfast, you will start your game drive. Kidepo National Park is home to elephants, zebras, giraffes, huge herds of buffalo, warthog, duiker, Jackson’s Hartebeest, lions, leopards, cheetahs and hundreds of bird species. The Game drive will lead you to the Narus Valley where you will have a nature walk to the Hot springs and later return to your accommodation. You will also enjoy a night game drive.


Day 4: Game Drive and Community/Cultural Visits

After an early morning breakfast, embark on a morning game drive that will take you through the Narus Valley which will also enable you to be in full sight of varieties of birds as well. In the evening you will drive to a nearby village where you will spend time with the Karamajong people and have an insight into their way of life. The Karamajong are traditionally cattle raiders and hunters. However, through community conservation education, their lifestyle is gradually changing and most of them do know the value of conservation of the park.


Day 5: Drive back to Kampala/Entebbe

After your breakfast you will drive to Kampala arriving in the evening.

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Reviews (7)


  1. admin

    We had a great time with this company. Our guide Alex was a magnificent guide with eyes like a hawk (I am sure in a match with a hawk, he could actually outsee it!). He gave us an amazing experience. He wasn’t so talkative, but knew the answer to every question we asked him. The cook was also really great.

  2. admin

    We recently spent a week in Kidepo NP and having visited numerous other NPs in both Uganda and the rest of Africa, base this review on experiences here in comparison. This is a beautiful NP and I am so glad we visited but……
    Go here for the amazing scenery, the magnificent herds of elephants and to witness buffaloes in their thousands. Its not a NP to statistically see the cats that many travel here to see. Yes there are Cheetahs and Lions and yes we did see them during our visit but I think its only right to say that for others only spending a couple of nights here, there is little chance of seeing them. Our sightings were at significant distances and we spent the days and hours looking for them with a guide. It is wild, rugged and beautiful and at times, you feel like you are the only ones in the park but for us, we didn’t feel it was anything special when comparing it to other places we have been lucky to visit. If you go for the scenery and experience of a more untouched location you won’t be disappointed. If you go for the predators, you are likely to be left wanting. I’m glad we went to experience the location but we wouldn’t go back…I do understand its not a zoo and sightings aren’t guaranteed but given our extensive safari experience, I do feel able to pass statistical opinion on the liklihood of cat sightings people are likely to experience whilst here. Don’t base your decision to go here in hope of seeing Cheetahs and Lions, base it on the want to see a relatively untouched NP where you can experience magical sightings of the other things it has to offer.

  3. admin

    One of #Africa’s more mysterious destinations kidepo valley national park is a concentration of every wondrous aspect on the continent.
    From the wildlife to the multitude of local culture and geographical spectacles, This destination in Uganda will surprise and enchant every visitor.

  4. admin

    I have to say that after no less than 18 safaris and having spent no less than a year of my life on safari,Kidepo is simply one of my favorite national parks. I was particularly impressed by the biggest herds of buffalo I’ve ever seen, elephants,Jackson’s hartebeest,bush duikers, Defassa waterbucks,patas monkey,olive baboons,zebras and lions. The birdwatching was also excellent.

    I have to say that the great appeal of Kidepo is the feeling that you’ll virtually have the entire park to yourself. There are no crowds of tourists. It’s truly awesome. It is a true wilderness.

    The scenery was beautiful and unique. I also enjoyed seeing Idi Amin’s abandoned palace on th

  5. admin

    On a family visit to Uganda, we were told about Kidepo. We have had an unforgettable visit to this amazing sanctuary tucked away in north Uganda. Its not as well known as its Kenyan or Tanzanian cousins, which means fewer tourists and a more enjoyable game watching experience. We stayed at the Apoka Rest Camp – a set of Uganda style circular rooms called ‘bandas’ with ensuite shower and toilet. It was delightful to step out of our room to see the pumbas trotting around, the jackals loping about at night and in the early mornings, the waterbucks drinking at the waterhole in the camp and, of course, the gorgeous African sunrise and sunset. Not to forget a memorable road-side leopard sighting in broad daylight.
    Must do’s include game drives, including the drive to see the ostriches, and the guided walk with a ranger. This reserve has the largest number of Cape buffaloes anywhere, apart from the easily sighted antelopes and deer, elephants, giraffes, zebras and a huge variety of birds, and the not so easily sighted lions – we heard the lions roaring in the vicinity of the camp.
    A must go when visiting Uganda.

  6. admin

    This was our second time camping in Kidepo National Park. The uniqueness of wildlife and surrounding nature is second to none. Nowhere else can you find such a beautiful environment paired with an enchanting flora and fauna. Always worth a trip!

  7. admin

    My wife and I drove ourselves from Kampala to Kidepo and camped out at the UWA campsite right in the middle of the park. An armed ranger spent the night to protect us from the lions we heard roaring not far away. The next morning we found them high on some rocks just over 2 km away. Over a thousand Cape Buffalo ran across the valley floor below us, and we found dozens of elephants with young ones in tow near the river. Best of all – we had the whole park to ourselves with only one other vehicle spotted in three days.
    Simply put – even in the rainy season (May), we saw amazing wildlife and stunning beauty. This park is a few bars above all others in Uganda.
    Written May 29, 2018

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