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Tina T

Uganda Predators and Primate Safaris


“I love Uganda” (its people most of all!!!)

This was my trip of a lifetime so far! I went on the same trip as the two reviewers writing just before me and I agree wholeheartedly with them but will try not to repeat too much.
Alex & Michael were simply wonderful and knew so much about the animals and their beautiful country. This was not your typical tourist visit but included lots of varied interactions with the people of Uganda and their beautiful country. Some of the other special things we did were to visit the Rhino Sanctuary and a displacement camp for the Sudanese from the country just North of Uganda. When I think of the amazing trip they took us on along with Deb Plotkin who started a NGO called U-Touch there, what stands out above all else are the beautiful Ugandan people who are so community minded and helpful no matter what kind of help you need. Without hesitation I recommend this Winston Churchill Tours and the unforgettable trip they provided.

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