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3 Days Gorilla Tour

(32 customer reviews)

Eastern gorilla (Gorilla beringei) is a species of the genus Gorilla and the largest living Ape. Tthe species is subdivided into two subspecies. The eastern lowland gorilla (G. b. graueri) is the most populous, at about 5,000 individuals. The mountain gorilla (G. b. beringei) has about 800 individuals. In addition, scientists are considering elevating the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest gorilla population (which numbers about half of the mountain gorilla population) to the rank of subspecies.


Eastern gorilla (Gorilla beringei) is a species of the genus Gorilla and the largest living Ape. Tthe species is subdivided into two subspecies. The eastern lowland gorilla (G. b. graueri) is the most populous, at about 5,000 individuals. The mountain gorilla (G. b. beringei) has about 800 individuals. In addition, scientists are considering elevating the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest gorilla population (which numbers about half of the mountain gorilla population) to the rank of subspecies.

DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION Your lodge or Entebbe International Airport
DEPARTURE TIME Please arrive at least 2 hours before the flight.
4WD Tour Vehicle Accommodations Gorilla Permit
Drinking Water On Tour Vehicle English speaking guide
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Guide gratuity



32 reviews for 3 Days Gorilla Tour

  1. Johnson Max

    If you like the outdoors, don’t mind sweating and getting a bit dirty, and have an interest in seeing one of the most magnificent animals on the planet, read on. Seeing the gorillas in the wild is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I wouldn’t mind doing again.

    On the recommendation of a friend’s parents (who at a 60+ years young had a great time – although to be fair they are big bicyclers and generally very active/in shape), 3 friends and I traveled to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park to see the famous (and endangered) mountain gorillas. For a number of reasons, this was one of the most amazing and surreal experiences of my life.

    We were met at the airport in Entebbe by Mike. “Born and bred” in Uganda, Mike was to be our driver, guide, comedian, and all around good sport for the next 3 days. He put up with our bad jokes, incessant American chatter, diverse musical choices and post-trekking stench like a champ. We booked the whole trip through Primate Safaris and were very happy. – you’ve got a keeper in Mike.

    We stayed at the Buhoma Haven in Bwindi – it was quite nice and Fred, the manager, took care of us well. The food was excellent, beers cold, beds comfortable, showers hot, and view stunning. The rooms reminded me of something straight from “Out of Africa”, although instead of Meryl Streep I was stuck with my buddy Greg…

    In what can only be described as breathtaking (both in terms of the scenery and what it did to me physically), our hike on day 1 lasted a little over 2 hours. I don’t think I will ever forget first seeing one of these big boys in the wild. A bit shy with massive bellies and deep red eyes, they were magnificent, each unique in his or her own way. I won’t say too much more because I don’t want to ruin it for you.

    The hike on day 2 was, in my humble opinion, a bit more strenuous than the previous day. I recommend doing 2 days of trekking if you can afford it (permits are US$700/day) – the first day we only saw 4 gorillas and the second day we saw many more, including young ones. Day 2 saw more machete hacking, more mud, and more thorny bushes. Maybe this is a good time to mention that gorilla trekking, while an undeniably amazing experience, is best suited for those that are in decent (preferably good) shape. For the less mobile, apparently there is a ‘991 Program’ whereby you can be carried by 4-8 people (depending on how many big macs you’ve eaten in the past 6 months) in a stretcher to see the gorillas…

  2. Jackie N

    We booked a 3 day vacation with primate safaris and Emmy was our guide, he is awesome! This was just one of many amazing things we got to experience on this vacation.
    I was a bit worried about the altitude since I live in a very flat country, we (my family and I) are not used to hiking at all. We are all fit, but altitudes are just not something we can practice here and in the Covid era it is difficult to build this up elsewhere.
    We did our gorilla trekking in Bwindi and trekked the Shongi group. Groups cannot be bigger than 8 paying individuals, however they can be bigger due to carriers or due to people that are not very mobile they have the option to choose to trek on a strecher ( a metal seat with four poles so that on each side a carrier can lift the chair on their schoulder. We had to stretchers in our group and 1 couple that were old and not very fit. We had about atleast 55 people in our group due to all the carriers that came along! I didn’t mind, it is nice that people who are not very fit can experience this amazing trekking experience and see these amazing and awe inspiring animals.
    The trek was doable mainly because the Shongi group were nice and close, there was not a trek of many hours needed to see these majestic animals. It was however clear why it is called the impenetrable forest!
    The Shongi group has 10 individuals and we saw 9, which was really lucky especially because we got to see the silverback, the blackback and two mothers with very young gorillas (amoung other individuals obviously). This was truly a memorable experience.
    I do want to caution you, this is also a reason why I gave it 4 stars instead of 5, when traveling with a group this large it causes problems in the slippery slopes and impenetrable forest when trying to take pictures. It is hard enough to literally stand your ground, you have to keep in mind that you have to maintain a certain distance from the animals who by the way can charge at any time and while all of this is happening and animals are moving and people are calling out where which individuals are, you are trying to view the gorillas through a very dense forest. At times it is almost impossible to get a peak at the animals let alone take a good picture. But is is almost an impossible task when there are many carriers that also want to see the animals and push you aside to take pictures. I don’t understand why the carriers don’t stand back so that the paying customers can have their moneys worth.
    The expericence was really awesome and I would truly recommend it to anyone who wants a humbling expericence with these giants, but if possible try to get into a group with few porters/carriers. It really is disappointing to be pushed away by locals who get to see these animals probably on an almost daily basis.
    Enjoy and make sure to be prepared for an experience of a lifetime.

  3. cartegna

    So I planned this trip over a year ago a dream to see the endangered mountain gorilla’s
    I opted to do the gorilla habituation experience
    A chance to see the gorilla’s In the wild, track and spend four hours with them
    I was not disappointed
    My tour operator Primate safaris looked after everything from permits to hiring trackers and armed guards
    It started with a strenuous climb straight up the mountain to an elevation of 2800 meters, not an easy task for someone who lives close to sea level lol
    But the first sighting of these magnificent animals made you forget about how hard it was to get to them
    The next 4.5 hours was absolutely amazing
    Something only dreams are made of
    It actually brought tears to my eyes
    To see them so peaceful and going about everyday life completely protected and
    Not worried about anything
    I got within 30 feet of a 500lb silverback
    And I will remember that for the rest of my life
    Such a large peaceful animal that could crush you in an instant just lying in the sun watching over his group
    Life that day was a dream come true
    And I really need to thank the Ugandan wildlife authority, the trackers, the porters, and most of all my guide Alex of Primate safaris for making my dream come true

  4. Sherry Bhatti

    The gorilla trek (and TRACK also- since we were actually being guided by the scouts who were tracking the family in real time!) was a totally awesome experience which is unique to this part of the world! The trek involves steep ascents/descents and demands good physical fitness. The one hour stay with the gorilla family is memorable and is a lifetime experience. Some tips:-
    1. Wear good trekking shoes which are ankle high. If not available, ask your lodge in advance to arrange for gumboots from the UWA rangers at $10 per pair. Absolutely necessary, do not try to trek in sneakers/normal shoes.
    2. Carry 2 litres water per person. If the sun is shining, it can cause dehydration fast.
    3. Hiring a porter is useful particularly if you are not at the top of your fitness or are middle aged. He carries the backpack too. Cost is $15 but most trekkers pay more because of the superb assistance.
    4. A rain jacket is necessary, it can rain anytime.
    5. Nkuringo sector is the toughest trek but the most rewarding. Buhoma and Rushaga are comparatively easier.
    6. It may take as long as 6-7 hours before return, so carry energy bars as well as the packed lunch provided by the lodge.

  5. Sherry Bhatti

    The opportunity to get close to these magnificent animals was the main reason we chose Uganda for our honeymoon. Particularly in a year like 2020, having the chance to walk/hike in this incredible setting with the very knowledgeable rangers, guards and porters and really be able to connect to nature was worth any extra step we had to take with mask wearing everyday, temp checks everywhere, face shields and PCR tests. If you have a chance to do this, DO IT, it is absolutely incredible! We were paid with. a group of 3 and had 1 ranger and 2 guards. We opted for hiring porters, both for our own comfort and as a way to help the local people to whom we feel eternally grateful for sharing and welcoming us into their country. The hike itself was not too challenging, the rangers had found a group of gorillas fairly close to where. we were, but it is a rainforest, and we were very glad to be ready with long sleeves, hiking boots, gaiters, and gloves, as that meant we didn’t have to worry about touching the wrong branch or stepping int he mud. Once e found the group, we were allowed to watch them for one hour. We saw two silver backs, the current leader and the “retired” one, a younger male, a few females, and some younger ones. They ate, played and rested as we watched, and we were simply in awe of them.
    Everyone we interacted with was so knowledgeable and generous and made our experience one we will never forget.
    The group that is needed to imake sure you have a good experience involves a few people, make sure you are prepared to tip them all, as you will feel they all deserve

  6. Hayley F

    This was truly an adventure if a lifetime. Wow, wow, wow. I don’t plan in reiterating all the joy of finding the gorilla’s and spending a magical hour in the company of such greatness as I don’t think anyone looking at doing this will expect any less. It is so humbling for these incredible creatures to trust our close proximity to their family unit, which is nothing short of amazing. This review is hopefully to assist with some of the questions you have.
    In relation to the difficulty of the trek, we are in our late forties and walk approximately 5 km per day. We found the trek much harder than expected. The use of a porter at a cost of $20 was the best decision we made. The porter carried my camera, water and jacket, which I would have seriously struggled to carry without dropping. The uphill climb was arduous and the downhill trek, even more difficult. It was slippy, muddy and the carpet of vines and forest foliage was treacherous. I spent most of it on my backside…… Two people in our party fell over, one quite seriously, landing on his back, the other falling off the side, rolling down the mountain until he came to abrupt stop against a tree. I don’t say this to scare people but to prepare them. Surely it’s better to be prepared than it is to struggle. Other people trekking had much easier experiences than us, but there really is no guarantee which trek you’re going to get. Prepare with some fitness training, secure the services of one of the porters and enjoy one of the most magical experiences of your life….take plenty of water to keep you hydrated and a packet of tissues to wipe the tears…

  7. Jennifer J

    I went on a 3 day Uganda safari with primate safaris. 1 day was spent gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. We hiked for a couple of hours until we found out gorilla family. The hiking was not that hard. There were a few areas that were uphill, but it was a lot easier than I expected. In comparison, I went trekking in Sumatra to see orangutans and that was so much harder. When we found our gorilla family, the 1 hour time started and we spent our time watching the babies play and the gorillas just hang out. There were 3 silverbacks in the group. We were so close to the gorillas. It was truly a once in a lifetime experience. The permit is expensive, but it was well worth it.

  8. Raintree_Thailand

    The main reason to visit the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is the world-famous mountain gorilla tracking. Our group had an absolutely fantastic experience. The entire time leading up to the start of our trek, it was raining, but just at the time we headed to the forest, it stopped. While the forest vegetation was wet, we had a pleasant time in the forest for the most part. The ranger guides and porters were fabulous (be sure to hire a local porter, not only to help you manage the trek, but also to provide important livelihood support to the local people, upon who’s support is essential to help protect the gorillas.

    We spent about three and a half hours trekking and searching for our “assigned” gorilla group. The mountain trails were steep and slippery, but actually not as difficult as I anticipated. Once the group reached the gorillas, we were given a strict 1-hour allocation to observe the gorillas. Would have loved longer, but the time limits are important to avoid stress to the gorillas and let them do their own thing.

    We loved seeing the young gorillas (one only a month old) play and the mature members (including a dominant silverback) resting. After about 40 minutes, they all headed off through the forest, with us humans trailing. When we caught up, we saw more playing and tree climbing.

    All-in-all, a great outing and a never-to-be-forgotten experience

  9. Simon Bold

    I planned this trip to Uganada just to see the mountain Gorillas and was absolutely blown away by this experience. The service provided from Julius and his team was outstanding. I travel solo and he made sure that I had fun and was safe the whole time. They picked me up from the airport, took me out on the town my first night and set me up for the most amazing journey of my life. The Gorillas were RIDICULOUS. I couldnt believe how many I saw, how close I got and how much Adeline I got from this experience. One of the craziest things Ive ever done. Just in awe after that experience. Thank you primate safaris Uganda for this life changing experience. If you are planning on doing this trek go with them if you want quality.

  10. Michelle L

    Bwindi is the most awe inspiring and emotionally humbling place I have ever visited. To have the privilege to see mountain gorillas living peacefully in their natural habitat will stay with me forever. Our group had a much longer trek that other groups that day, we trekked in January which theoretically is the dry season, however it was still very muddy and the terrain was tough. For this reason, I recommend taking up the opportunity of the porter who not only carried my rucksack for me but also thoughtfully and kindly helped me through some of the muddiest and steepest, challenging parts of the trek, how the porters manage this all so effortlessly is incredible, also hiring a porter is helping to support the families in the local community. We packed hiking boots, ensure you pack long socks to tuck your trousers into to keep the safari ants out. Waterproofs and a waterproof ruck sack is essential! Every step of the challenging trek is worth the hour with these beautiful creatures.

    We were honoured to meet the local Batwa people who came to our lodge, displaced from the Forest in the interests of preserving the critically endangered gorillas, these people find themselves trying to make a living outside the ancient Forest which has been their home for millennia, another hugely humbling unforgettable experience.

    I should say that this is a once in a lifetime experience, although having done it once I know now that I will do this again, and again! Truly awesome!

  11. CristinaTravel

    This is an experience of a lifetime. And the Ugandan Wildlife Authority does and excellent job of organizing everyone and making sure all precautions are taken. At the start, all of the tourists with reservations for that day meet and are given a briefing where instructions are given and expectations set. This is very well done. Then you are split into different groups – each group assigned to track a different group of gorillas. Our group had 8 people. Then they ask if anyone would like a porter for the day. Definitely do this! I can not recall whether having a personal porter cost $15 or $20, but either way, it is worth every penny. Even if you have a light bag, the value is that the porter also helps you on the difficult parts. Having that helping hand is worth it. I am physically fit, but not experienced on mountains. Definitely worth having an expert at your side. We had an amazing experience seeing the gorillas, which I won’t elaborate on here. But we did find out an hour in that our group of gorillas had just fought with another family and then changed directions (something that can make it difficult for the trackers to find the gorillas again). But luckily they found them and all worked out. So many people are working there to make it an amazing experience (trackers, guides, security, porters). At the end, you will feel so grateful for all the hard work – definitely do not forget to bring money for tipping. A couple in our group forgot to bring tip money and felt so bad at the end of the day.

  12. Tina Watt

    Well I’ve since found out that Bwindi impenetrable Forrest is actually quite penetrable ?
    A good steady climb up with the help of a porter knowing you’re one step closer to a huge tick list is both exciting, exhilarating and nerve wrecking. Quite muddy, slippery and treacherous at times but all worth it for the prize at the end. The porters were paid $20 each. So worth it, knowing you’re helping to support them as well as the great help they give you. The view! Wow, a quick stop when there’s a breakthrough in the thicket is just beautiful. Had to pinch myself that I was actually there at last! My journey was rewarded with not one family of apes but two! Within literally feet away there were gorillas all around. The hour spent went quickly with watching the silver back, the mums with babies and a happy 2yr old playing in the mud. Simply amazing, a dream come true ? a good steady climb down with the help of our porter saw us back safe n sound

  13. Emily USA

    I went on a tour with primate safaris Absolute this past September and while in Uganda, we partnered with Andrew, who gave us such an incredible experience while visiting. The gorilla experience was out of this world amazing. It will truly be a top travel highlight when I look back on my life years from now. While there, a few in my group also visited a local family who owned a coffee plantation. I’ve been on coffee plantation tours in other countries before, but what made this one special was the interaction with Joseph and all the extras he added in terms of interaction with the local children. So endearing. And the family from the coffee farm was just so sweet, too. Thank you, Andrew, for going above and beyond our expectations. You are a true gem…a wonderful soul. Hope to meet again in life one day! Best of luck to you in all you set out to accomplish! (Sorry for how long it took me to write this review!!)

  14. Gilbert H

    Trust-worthy and reliable company with excellent client-focused service

    Maria owner , is trust-worthy and very reliable person. He responded quickly to all my emails and queries regarding transportation to Bwindi Park (Gorilla Treks) . Andrew, tour guide , and Alex , the driver, were very helpful and client focused. Without any hesitation, I highly recommend Bamboo primate safaris all their offered tours or customized activities. Excellent value for money !!!

  15. Anita

    An absolute must visit! Exciting moment seeing gorillas at a close range+ unique cultural dances!

  16. admin

    Review of: Gorilla Trekking Tour – 3 days Uganda
    “This past August, my husband and I were finally able to make our trip to Uganda. We had originally booked with primate Safaris for August 2020 but like so many others, we were forced to reschedule. We began planning 14 months before last August, as the gorilla permits were out that far. I read hundreds of reviews from several companies and emailed 3 different ones. After communicating with all three, I decided to go with these guys. Ivan was my contact and always responded immediately. I never felt that I wasn’t getting the information I needed and he was a huge help with every step of the way. He efficiently re-scheduled everything for us almost exactly a year later and we had the most incredible experience. Our guide, Andrew was fantastic! He was warm, friendly and very experienced! We spent 8 days, beginning in Entebbe. He picked us up at the hotel and we began our time together. We began with Chimpanzee trekking in Kigali and then two days of gorilla trekking in Bwindi. We enjoyed the chimpanzee day but because it had rained that morning, they pretty much stayed up high in the trees. There’s nothing you can do about it but enjoy your day and get quick pictures when one comes down for a few minutes. The gorilla trekking was absolutely amazing. Seriously. If this is something you’ve ever thought about doing, do it!! Now!! From what I hear, because of Covid, you can get your permits pretty quickly now. It’s not cheap but so incredibly worth it! We bought permits for two consecutive days. If you can afford it, do it. Being able to see two entirely different gorilla families means two unique experiences. It’s a bit warm and very humid and you will be tired but you won’t remember that when you reach the family and get to spend an hour with them. The people of Uganda are the warmest and friendliest people we’ve met and we have traveled quite a bit. Having been on lock down for over a year, they are desperate for tourism. Having to take covid tests is a hassle but our guide worked hard for us to find us somewhere we could get it done in the right time frame. Even with that extra cost and hassle, it is still worth it to go. We are so very glad we went this past month and loved every minute of it. Everywhere we went, people went out of their way to make us feel welcomed and cared for. All of the lodges (they were very cool), the various guides, village people, etc., were all so happy to see tourists. Children run out to the road when you pass and yell “Mzungu” and wave and smile. We did so much waving that our arms were tired by the time we left. If you are thinking about a Uganda safari, Primate safaris will take very good care of you!!”

  17. admin

    “My husband and I went on primate safaris 4 day/ 3 night trip. We first went to the Buhoma Sector of Bwindi National Park to see the mountain gorillas and then to Queen Elizabeth National Park to see more animals as well as a boat trip on the Kazinga Channel. Our guide, Andrew was terrific – very knowledgeable and an excellent driver. He spotted a lion in a tree in the Ishasha Section when no one else had seen one in a few days! He also was able to spot many other animals and birds. Maria was very helpful in planning our trip and very responsive whenever we emailed with any questions. The highlight for us was seeing the mountain gorillas! What an amazing experience not to be missed. We also enjoyed the Buhoma village tour and the inspirational work being done by Ride 4 A Woman (this is definitely worth seeing). The Kazinga Channel boat ride was also a highlight. Spectacular place to see birds, hippos, crocodiles and more! Francis took us to a terrific restaurant on the way to Bwindi for authentic African food. On the way back, we stopped for a delicious snack of grilled goat on a stick and roasted banana. What an experience!! We chose the budget accommodations which were great for us. Loved the Buhoma Community Rest Camp – money goes back into the community. We stayed in a basic camp in Queen Elizabeth which may be too rustic for some, but we loved it. Heard the sounds of hippos throughout the night – amazing!! We highly recommend primate safaris”

  18. admin

    “I flew all the way from Entebbe to meet the mountain gorillas of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park. On the morning of 14 June 2020, we, a small group of six people, started trekking in search of the Bitukura Gorilla Group. Before visiting Bwindi, I never knew what an impenetrable forest could be like. Guided by the forest ranger, we trudged uphill and downhill through tangles of the dense forest that stood like a wall around us. After more than an hour’s trek, we encountered them, a mother and her fidgety child, chomping aspilia leaves and stalks. A few feet away, the alpha male, a silverback, was busy in enjoying his midday meal. They ignored our presence for a time, and then greeted us with a grunt. The hour-long rendezvous felt like a jiffy. It was a wonderful experience, indeed.”

  19. admin

    “This experience was amazing! I had wanted to do this tour for four years and now I finally have and it did not disappoint! Our guide Andrew was fantastic and the gorilla family we saw were incredible. The accommodation was also much nicer than we expected as we opted for the budget rooms and the food was great too. We were very happy with our tour and would definitely recommend!”

  20. admin

    “Our experience with primate safaris was really great. Our guide and driver, Andrew, was a great driver and was extremely knowledgeable in every area – animals, culture, history.. He was prompt, courteous, friendly and professional.
    The Land Cruiser was a great vehicle, too. We loved the pop-up roof for viewing in the shade. We learned a tremendous amount on this trip and seeing the gorillas was

  21. admin

    “We did the long trek and it was a challenge but an amazing experience. They split you into groups depending on your fitness level, we told our driver straight away we wanted a longer hike when he picked us up from entebbe and he let the rangers know when we arrived in Bwindi. We trekked for around 5 hours, including a break for lunch and an hour for the gorillas. It was very steep in sections with very thick vegetation so good footwear and long trousers and sleeves are a must. Thin light clothing best as it gets hot. Bug spray also needed. Don’t forget your packed lunch and lots of water. We hired gloves on the day which made it easier to get through the thick vegetation without getting nettle stings. Sticks were provided, regardless everyone slipped at least once! Guides were professional and really looked after us. You can also pay a porter to come with you when you arrive (great way to give money to local community) to help you the entire way to stay steady and save energy if you are concerned you won’t enjoy the hike. They even carry people for a fee! I’m guessing the rangers can ring for a porter if there’s an issue mid hike too. We enjoyed the local community dancers pre hike also! Bring tips for them. we stayed in ruhija was really close.”

  22. admin

    My partner and I came from Nairobi to Kampala where we were getting picked up straight from our hotel by Charles, our AMAZING driver/tour guide/ and now friend. While he drove us to Kampala, he was able to point out some major attractions and we were able to stop and take pictures at the equator. Andrew was able to teach us more about the people and their cultures/traditions which was such a great bonus as he was so knowledgeable. When we got to our lodge at the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, he was able to introduce us and made sure we were comfortable with everything. Overall, Charles made sure we were taken care of for the entire trip and we truly could not thank him enough.

    As for the gorilla trekking, it truly was a once in a lifetime experience. We came during April which was apparently the “off-season” meaning there were less tourists and a lot more rain so we were able to get a cheaper price on the gorilla licenses. First of all, it didn’t rain once while we were in Uganda. Second, we were able to hike for the gorillas in a smaller group (5 people) rather than it being super busy. With that, our trek tour guide was amazing and very professional and he was able to get us the best views of the gorillas. It turns out that they choose each trek group based on how active each person is and they base the difficulty off of that and which gorilla family you go see. We were able to see 7 amazing gorillas and it truly took our breath away.

    Overall, our experience with the Primate Safari company was one of a kind. We will be raving about this company to anyone that asks us, whether it’s for gorilla trekking or taking any safari. If you are planning on gorilla trekking, look no further.

  23. admin

    “I went on a 3 day tour for gorilla trekking in Bwindi followed by Lake Bunyoni, leaving from and returning to Kampala. I had a wonderful trip that was very professionally run. I booked with this company after reading the TripAdvisor reviews and feel that they are accurate and well-deserved. I appreciated being able to book and pay online, and have my questions responded to promptly via email. I booked fairly last minute (a couple weeks before the trip) and was glad that everything worked out. I requested mid-range accommodations and was initially confirmed with different accommodations, but things were able to be switched. The two places I stayed, Silverback Lodge in Bwindi and Birds Nest in Lake Bunyonyi were very lovely and felt much nicer than mid-range, with plentiful hot water & wifi, great food options, comfortable rooms, and breathtaking views.

    Alex did a really excellent job as the driver and guide. I went solo on this trip and there’s many hours of driving over the 3 days. I felt quite safe with him as the driver. I could tell that he is very knowledgeable about the roads and also about many interesting topics about Uganda. He was able to find my airbnb location in Kampala (not that easy to find) and drove us to Bwindi smoothly despite a lot of rain and traffic jams (in Kampala) initially. He would frequently point out interesting scenic points along the drives including landmarks and wildlife. He also communicated frequently to ensure great coordination with the lodges and activities (like the Lake Bunyonyi boat ride) about arrival times and other aspects, so things went smoothly even when we ended up with a later arrival to Lake Bunyonyi due to external factors. He made sure that plans for the next day were communicated well and there was no confusion.

    The gorilla trekking itself was an interesting experience. I went with an older couple in their 70s and 80s, who were quite kind, but did not anticipate the physical demands of the trek itself. The trek had a lot of hiking up hill, including many areas off trail, some areas with more slippery footing, and multiple miles of distance covered in the hike to the forest area as well as within it. The both eventually opted for the stretcher aka “African Helicopter” option, which made the trek longer in duration as there was one stretcher that they alternated use of (though I was amazed by the speed of the men carrying the stretcher). However, I was very glad that we all safely made it to see the gorillas! I was most excited about seeing a baby gorilla, and I was lucky enough to have 3 babies in the family we met. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing them frolic and play, and felt it was well worth the trek to see them! Many gorillas came quite close, and we enjoyed gazing at each other. We returned from the trek later in the day due to the extra time spent with the stretcher. I would caution that for those who can’t comfortably hike a few miles, that the trek may be too strenuous for comfort. Despite the delay in timing, Kassim drove use to Lake Bunyonyi easily even after nightfall.

    The trip to Lake Bunyonyi was also wonderful, especially the boat ride to the various islands. I particularly enjoyed visiting a clinic on one of the islands and getting to ask questions of some of the clinic staff. And, I saw a zebra on Animal Island from the boat (so no need to go on a game drive for that)!.

    Overall, I had a very enjoyable 3 day trip that was very well planned and run, and I’m glad I went with this company as they did a high quality job. Especially as I went solo on this trip, the trip was not a low cost trip overall (but with $700 gorilla permits, that sort of to be expected). I did get some quotes from other companies beforehand and Primate safaris cost was quite reasonable. Plus, I felt I had a great experience that was worth the $ that I spent due to everything being seamlessly coordinated overall. Please do allocate $ in your budget for tips for people (drivers, tour guide, porters, hotel staff, etc) as I think a high level of service was provided.

  24. admin

    “We booked primate safaris we only had a couple of days at the end of our Ethiopian travels and wanted to visit the Gorillas without chewing too much time. Right from my first communications with Maria she was helpful and quick to respond. Alex our guide/driver looked after us really well, answered all of our many questions and was a wealth of information on our long drive to and from the mountain, along with helping the long trip fly by with some great tunes in our very comfortable vehicle. Both lots of accommodation in Entebbe (2Friends) and on the Mountain (Haven Lodge) that Ivan recommended where perfect”

  25. admin

    “We have just returned from an unforgettable trip to Uganda. Everything was organised so well and our guide Alex was amazing. He couldn’t do enough for us.
    All of the lodges which were mid range were above average with beautiful scenery.

    We would defiantly recommend primate Safaris and would not hesitate in using them again.
    Thank you for making our trip so special.
    Tracy and Ian”

  26. admin

    “Our driver, Alex was excellent. This trip was truly the trip of a lifetime and he had a lot to do with it. He was very knowledgeable of everywhere that we traveled and we traveled a ton of miles! He even found us a wonderful place to stay when one of our arrangements fell through. He encouraged us to try new foods and truly experience Uganda

  27. admin

    “Their amazing efficiency enabled us to enjoy the best of of the gorilla. The fast response on email, precise planning tailored to our wishes is definitely a very strong point!
    We spent 3 days in total comfort in Bwindi
    And also the amazing life of the communities around the forest worth a visit !”

  28. admin

    Maria helped me to organise the trip and answer any kind of questions at any moment. She was very helpfull before and during the tour!
    The acomodations were great! Robert (guide) and his vehicle was really good. I certanly recommend this agency!”

  29. admin

    Actually, when we started the trekking in the morning there was still mist, like in the famous title. But soon after, having climbed some hundred meters, the sun came out and the atmosphere was already gorgeous.
    It could only be topped by the group of Gorillas which hardly seemed to recognize our presence. Marvellous!
    Thanks to forest elephants it was a bit easier to track them, and on our return we actually spotted one of these giants (which are less frequent than gorillas!).
    Let me also mention the friendly people from the local villages who performed some folk dances while we were waiting for the permits to be checked, and who carve nice souvenirs to be taken home.

  30. admin

    This was my number one on my list to do and has been in my bucket for years. I am incredible humbled to be able to experienced this and forever greatly humbled to see these majestically animals. These are some very unique animals and there is no words explaining the feeling, gratitude and the excitement being so close to my relatives.

    The protection and preservation of their habitat need to be protected by all means necessary. So let’s start supporting our world, especially for the endangered animals like these beautiful creatures for generations to come.

  31. admin

    Trekking these creatures and how we came so close to them was very amazing.
    They are peaceful when you are peaceful. A MUST WATCH

  32. admin

    So I planned this trip over a year ago a dream to see the endangered mountain gorilla’s
    I opted to do the gorilla habituation experience
    A chance to see the gorilla’s In the wild, track and spend four hours with them
    I was not disappointed
    My tour operator Primate safaris fter everything from permits to hiring trackers and armed guards
    It started with a strenuous climb straight up the mountain to an elevation of 2800 meters, not an easy task for someone who lives close to sea level lol
    But the first sighting of these magnificent animals made you forget about how hard it was to get to them
    The next 4.5 hours was absolutely amazing
    Something only dreams are made of
    It actually brought tears to my eyes
    To see them so peaceful and going about everyday life completely protected and
    Not worried about anything
    I got within 30 feet of a 500lb silverback
    And I will remember that for the rest of my life
    Such a large peaceful animal that could crush you in an instant just lying in the sun watching over his group
    Life that day was a dream come true
    And I really need to thank the Ugandan wildlife authority, the trackers, the porters, and most of all my guide Alex of primate safaris for making my dream come true

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